A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)

61. Binge Eating and ADHD - Our Personal Stories

January 28, 2023
A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)
61. Binge Eating and ADHD - Our Personal Stories
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Show Notes

This week we dive deep into Binge Eating with ADHD and it's impact on our lives . Over eating is something we struggle with on a daily basis and we feel its good to talk about this, add some humour (as always) and to raise awareness about how having ADHD can increase Binging Eating. 
Binge Eating is a persistent pattern of disordered eating behaviour that can have significant negative effects on a person's physical and mental health, relationships, and daily functioning. 

Studies have suggested that individuals with ADHD may be at an increased risk for developing BED so In this episode we discuss our personal binge eating stories, general reflections and give you our top tips on how we try to manage bingeing so it doesn't take too much a hold our lives.

This episode may be triggering for you as it's quite sensitive so please feel free to skip this episode.

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