A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)

62. ADHD: What Does It Mean To Hyperfocus

February 05, 2023 Sparky and Shell
A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)
62. ADHD: What Does It Mean To Hyperfocus
A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast) +
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Show Notes

This week were talking about ADHD and Hyperfocus, what it is, are there any ways to combat it, and how it can have detrimental effects on peoples lives. 

 In this episode Shell and Sparky discuss some personal (and slightly embarrassing) hyper focus stories, because we feel it’s important to talk about this stuff to help end the stigma and hopefully make you feel less alone in your struggle. 

Hyper focus is like a superpower and a kryptonite all rolled into one. On one hand, it can make you super productive and focused, allowing you to get lost in a task and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. On the other hand, it can also make you procrastinate and have a hard time switching tasks. It can also make social interactions a bit tricky, as you might be so focused on a task that you don't even hear your friends talking to you to the detriment of your work, relationships and even your mental health.

Check out the website below to find useful links

List of symptoms, diagnostic criteria for ADHD and further information:

If you identify with 5 symptoms on each list often, it may be something you want to speak to your doctor about.

See you next week for another episode of shenanigans!

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