A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)

107. Managing Stress With ADHD (1)

February 05, 2024 Sparky and Shell
A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast)
107. Managing Stress With ADHD (1)
A Dopamine Kick (Another ADHD Podcast) +
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Show Notes

In our previous episode, we delved into the impact of stress on focus, attention, hyperactivity, and executive function. This week, we explore effective strategies for tackling stressful situations, specifically through the empowering lens of a few new transformative mantras.

If you want to support Shell on her Sands charity run to give her some dopamine to complete the challenge here is the link: https://socialsync.app/fundraiser/cr-xjvkp0yzv3po0?currentTab=fundraising

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